About PTS

Pound Town Sound is just me, Jason LaFrance, and serves an the alias which I do all my audio engineering under.  I offer freelance recording services and can produce a project from start to finish, from laying cables and teching amps right to a CD ready for duplication.  I practice a mix of old school engineering, psycho-acoustic principles, and digital control and editing.

For inquiries, contact me via email: j-lafrance@weirdness.com.

Official Releases to Date:

Covered in BeesPortland Death Punk, Vol. 2: Louder Than Fire (Oct 2007)

ConfusatronOperation Livey (Jan 2008)

Covered in BeesThe Way Death Should Be EP (2008)

Covered in Bees24 Hour Album (Sept 2008)

Man-Witch Orkchops In Battle Sauce (Aug 2009)

ConfusatronControl Alt Destroy (Jan 2010) (Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7)

ApocryphonicThis Light Offers No Warmth (July 2011)

Johnny CremainsLeave It To Believers (November 2012)

ApocryphonicRivers and Great Darkness (December 2012)


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